PHHP Alijaga Coffee Plus

alijaga coffee plus

PHHP Alijaga Coffee Plus is made out of Arabica coffee bean, mix with traditional herbs like Lingzhi, Ginseng and Dong Quai, it is a healthy beverage suitable for all level of people. It also helps to revitalize the mind and enhances focus with a smooth taste.



23gm × 15 sachet


Main Ingredients

Arabica coffee bean, Lingzhi, Ginseng and Dong Quai


Unique Selling Point

  • Combination of traditional herbs
  • Healthy beverage



  • PHHP Alijaga Coffee Plus helps to revitalize the mind, enhances focus and boosts reflexes.
  • PHHP Alijaga Coffee Plus is the combination of traditional herbs, it helps to eliminate fatigue improve both mental and physical condition, it also enhances blood circulation, improve metabolism.