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Izumi Rich Cleansing Foam

izumi rich cleansing foam

Uses 'steaming' technology, which sees the product start to foam upon contact with skin to deeply cleanse skin and pores, remove grime and dead skin cells, and achieve hydration results. Rich Cleansing Foam contains natural plant liquid extracts which can revitalise skin in a mild manner and increase its ability to absorb nutrients, leaving you with smooth, radiant skin that is clean and supple.


Mild Surfactants (tear-free +moisture) – These mild surfactants derived from coconut oil are much safer compared to other cleansers in market that contain sulphate. The surfactants cleanse skin effectively without affecting natural protective layer of skin.

Cucumber liquid extracts – rich in vitamin C and amino acids, it has whitening and calming properties to regulate skin’s sebum secretion and pH level. It also has hydration and restoration effects for skin which had been under sun exposure.

Aloe vera liquid extracts – with natural hydration and anti-inflammation properties, it is rich in amino acids, minerals and proteins. Aloe vera can effectively calm and soothe swollen and cracked skin after sunburn.

Houttuynia extracts – contains 15 types of amino acids and vitamins, it soothes stressed and tired skin, as well as having antioxidation properties to prevent skin from ageing.

Kalanchoe Spathulata liquid extracts – contains antioxidation properties to fight free radicals, delay symptoms of ageing skin and reduce melanin deposits.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How is Izumi Rich Cleansing Foam different from other products?

    Combining two functions (cleanser and facial mask), Izumi Rich Cleansing Foam promotes skin cell renewal and improves skin texture. In a process resembling facial steam done at beauty salons, the body temperature induces the uniquely formulated Izumi Rich Cleansing Foam to produce foam to remove oil and dirt from the skin and create crystal clear skin.

  2. How is Izumi Rich Cleansing Foam different from Cleansing Solution Plus? Why do you need to use Izumi Cleansing Solution Plus followed by Izumi Rich Cleansing Foam?

    Izumi Cleansing Solution Plus cleanses dirt and grime created by the environment, physiological processes and cosmetics; the Izumi Rich Cleansing Foam, however, is effective for deep-cleansing of water-soluble grime and feels refreshingly comfortable after use as it does not deplete skin’s moisture and prevents skin from feeling tight. Generally, it is recommended to carry out double-cleansing in the night time to achieve optimal cleansing results and prevent the problem of clogged pores.

Directions for use

Use morning and night.

Ensure hands, face and neck areas are completely dry before dispensing a suitable amount of Rich Cleansing Foam and apply evenly over face in gentle, circular massaging motions. When foam appears within seconds, rinse off with water and follow with toner. Use daily, morning and night. Suitable for normal skin type.



For dry and sensitive skin types, apply product on wet skin to avoid adverse reactions. In order to remove more dead skin cells, dirt and water-soluble grime, do double-cleansing in the evening to cleanse pores of grime to achieve optimal cleansing results.