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Izumi UV Protection

izumi uv protection

Lets your skin experience the joy of breathing freely and comprehensive care every day. UV Protection is an essential step in your daily skincare regime. Regardless whether you are indoors or outdoors, your skin may be harmed by UV rays. Using it accurately can delay skin's ageing process. UV Protection can effectively shield and reflect UV rays, allows your skin to breathe easily, does not clog pores, is light-weight, non-greasy, sufficient protection (can counter UVA/UVB ), as well as having anti-ageing effects and smoothen fine lines.



SunCat: is a breakthrough sunscreen agent that provides comprehensive protection against broad spectrum UVA and UVB radiation. It combines different UV filters by using patented W/O/W Liposome technology, which greatly reduces the irritation caused by common sunscreen.

Hexapeptide: contains natural amino acids which bring great anti-ageing benefits to the skin, especially potent for alleviating laughter lines and wrinkles.

Chamomile extracts: has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce skin's sensitivity level and boost its restoration ability.

Kalanchoe Spathulata liquid extract: has antioxidation and anti-ageing properties. Smoothen and brightens skin, improves its elasticity and suppresses the development of melanin.

Aloe Vera extracts: has hydration and restorative properties.


Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is Suncat patented sun protection encapsulation technology?

    Sun Cat is a type of new unique sun protection agent using W/O/W double sphere to encapsulate active ingredients, thus providing highly safe and stable sun protection function with a soft and fine texture. Its unique technology enables an ultra thin protective shield to be formed on the surface of the skin, giving you comfortable protection all day long.

  2. What are the special functions of Izumi UV Protection?

    Izumi UV Protection provides five major functions, namely sun protection, anti-allergy, firming, hydrating and anti-aging. With a light, thin and breathable texture, it effectively wards off UV rays, prevents skin aging and reduces skin sensitivity.


Directions for Use

For day use, it is suitable for normal skin. Dispense a suitable amount of UV Protection and, using your fingertips, apply evenly over face and neck areas in a gentle outward motion, pressing lightly to achieve optimal results. This is the final step in your day-time beauty regime. For sensitive skin users, reduce the amount of product to be used or blend evenly on your palms before light pressing it onto face.