Consumer Price: RM63.80(WM) RM69.00(EM)

Phyto Chlorophyll Plus Liquid

Product Description

  • Phyto Chlorophyll has been awarded Product of The Year in the year 2014/2015. It is extracted from Mulberry leaf and added with Chlorella, fulfilling the modern need as a healthy beverage. It has a refreshing taste, which leaves a soothing peppermint aftertaste. Traditionally helps to maintain general health.

Main Ingredients

  • Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin, Chlorella and Peppermint


  • 500 ml

Storage / Direction of Use

  • Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposure from direct sunlight and heat. Once opened, make sure to keep it refrigerated and consume within 1 month.
  • Directly consume 1 to 2 caps of Phyto Chlorophyll or gentle mix it with 300ml of water (avoid hot water) and serve.

Product Details

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