10 OCTOBER 2020

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Why Supplement?

Why Should We Supplement Our Diet?

We Are What We Eat

• What we eat, what we become
In modern society, people’s dietary habits are continuously changing with scientific and cultural developments. Satiety is no longer the only pursuit. People nowadays pay more attention to the physical aspects, eg. taste and appearance, instead of acknowledging the actual nutritional values in foods. Hence, dietary habits could easily reflect our health condition.

• Good nutrients lead to good health
Balanced dietary combinations and healthy eating habits are the fundamental basis for a healthy body. Everyday, we should consume a sufficient amount of the 7 core nutrients that our body needs: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers, vitamins, minerals and water. Through healthy diets and sufficient nutrients, we can have a healthy and strong body.

• Poor nutrients may lead to diseases
Consuming unhealthy foods or taking insufficient nutrients not only affect the functions of body cells but also may lead to a series of health problems. For instance, arthritis, stomach illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and others, which further proves the saying "Illness finds its way in by the mouth". Moreover, while we should seek for medical treatments when falling sick, all the more we should identify the problems that could have been stemming from unhealthy diets, as small problems could lead to problematic health dangers.

We Should Take in The Right Nutrients

• Hectic lifestyle could make preparing varied natural diet every day a challenge
We eat various kinds of foods in our lives. According to nutriology, not only are the attractive colours in foods intrigue our appetites, but the colours also represent the nutritional values and health effects of foods. These colours can be mainly classified into black (kidney health), red (heart health), yellow (spleen health), green (liver health) and white (lungs health). Therefore, we should be aware of our dietary combinations and not be a picky eater, to maintain balanced nutrition and health. However, due to our busy lifestyles, it is hard to have natural ingredients ready for our consumption, not to mention the time, energy and money that are put into the process.

• Many people choose convenience over health
Speed and convenience without a doubt are the norms in our lives. However, nutritional values in foods are often overlooked in this modern society. Overprocessed foods such as frozen foods, instant noodles, pre-packaged foods, canned foods, snacks and chips and others commonly contain high levels of heavy metal substances, chemical substances and other artificial substances, which are detrimental to our health. Besides that, the process of manufacturing and heat applied during cooking could damage the nutrients in the foods.

• Unhealthy lifestyles and diets lead to malnutrition
In our diets, we need to consume balanced and proper nutrients, especially macronutrients that include complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats. If we do not acquire nutritional knowledge, we may not understand the healthy way to consume our foods. Of course, irregular lifestyles will also depreciate our health. Therefore, we should exercise more frequently, get hydrated and have quality sleep to have better body absorption and metabolic health.

We Can Choose Nutrients Formulated into Supplement Foods

• Essence extracted from natural herbal ingredients
PHHP formulates all the products with natural quality ingredients. The nutritious essence extracted from natural herbal ingredients is an important element in maintaining human body health. For example, the nutrients in aloe vera whole leaf contain many natural enzymes that may help to maintain gastrointestinal health. Furthermore, the natural nutritional values in the bovine colostrum are particularly high, especially the immune factors and growth factors that may help to improve our immune system and the ability to restore our body cells.

• Choose the supplements you need
Our body contains approximately 70 trillion body cells. Every cell needs air, water and nutrients to function. Nutrients can be divided into core nutrients and targeted nutrients. Core nutrients are the nutrients we need everyday, which may help to replenish the nutrients in every cell of our body. However, targeted nutrients are built for the particular body structures and organs, as every structure and organ have different nutritional needs. Phytosophy - the health philosophy adhered by PHHP, provides you with the nutritious health supplements that your body needs. Including core nutrients and targeted nutrients, we are ready to serve you with multiple dedicated choices.

• Simple, convenient, value for money
Work and mundane chores always keep us busy and occupied, it can be challenging for us to pick up all nutrients that we need. But, don’t worry! The nutritious health supplements formulated by PHHP have gathered multiple nutrients in one size and are available at an affordable price. Our supplements are easy to carry and consume, bring it along with you while you are on the move! Let’s enjoy an easy and healthy way of life with us!